Bundled Over the Edge

Over the Edge might just share with Vampire: the Masquerade the accolade of bringing RPGs into the 1990s. A certain tip of the hat may be owed to late-1980s designs like Cyberpunk 2020 or Shadowrun which brought a certain gritty attitude to proceedings, or releases like Ars Magica or Pendragon which took an almost arthouse cinema approach to what had been a B-movie-and-blockbusters sort of medium previously, but in terms of games actually released in the 1990s, Vampire and Over the Edge really set the mode for the rest of the decade – particularly when it came to games turning a spotlight onto modern-day settings where high weirdness abounds. Though later games like Vampire: the Requiem or Unknown Armies would arguably hit the same notes with better clarity and superior design, you can’t imagine either game happening unless they were able to build on the foundations set by their predecessors.

A while back, the Bundle of Holding put out an Over the Edge bundle, which offers as good a cross-section of the line as any. (Plus it has an adventure from Atlas Games’ WaRPed Adventures lines, based off a generic version of the Over the Edge system, but that’s slight enough that I won’t cover it here.)

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