All Flesh Must Be Bundled

Although the C.J. Carella-designed Unisystem debuted in Witchcraft, and the Cinematic Unisystem version powered the likes of the Buffy and Angel RPGs, the former never caught the world on fire whilst the latter two, as licensed RPGs, could only last on the market as long as Eden Studios held onto the licence.

The perennial hit for Eden Studios as far as Unisystem goes, by all appearances, would seem to be All Flesh Must Be Eaten, the iconic zombie apocalypse RPG. Perhaps in part it was the beneficiary of good timing; originally released in 1999, it managed to hit the market just as the Resident Evil games were reminding people of how fun zombies are, and sufficiently soon before the likes of 28 Days Later and the remake of Dawn of the Dead put the zombie revival into high gear that when that cultural wave hit, there was already a healthy support line out there for the game.

Still, you can’t ascribe all its success to good timing – if it were a poor game there’s plenty of horror competition out there that could have happily knocked it off its perch. Luckily, the Bundle of Holding a while back offered an All Flesh bundle, so let’s take a look at the offerings there and see how well-preserved the meat here is…

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