Giving Some Love To Ryan Macklin

As you might remember from my review of Dungeon World, my respect for one of the coauthors of that game shot up when he strolled into a forum discussion to lay the smackdown on his own fans. Specifically, he came in to ask them to kindly quit promoting crazy hype about Dungeon World which didn’t actually reflect the game’s strengths.

Well, Ryan Macklin, one of the contributors to FATE Core, has done much the same thing and I love him for it. I particularly like the direct attack on “FATE can do anything!” because one thing which always irks me when I visit is the tendency of its userbase to latch on to a particular “ darling” and promote its use for every possible campaign concept, no matter how inappropriate. They did it to Savage Worlds, they did it to Wushu, and it serves nobody.

That said: sorry Ryan, but I remember when FATE was FUDGE Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment and I’ve enough affection for FUDGE to still regard FATE as being a variant of FUDGE – a very, very successful variant, mind, but still a variant – so I’m going to keep using the all-caps and regarding it as an acronym. Despite what you and the folk behind FUDGE might think, you don’t get to wave a magic wand and pretend your acronym didn’t originate as an acronym. You know who else likes to redefine or define away acronyms? Byron Hall of FATAL fame. Not classy company to be keeping, dude.