The Reading Canary: Fighting Fantasy (Part 3 – Sorcery Special!)

This article was previously published on Ferretbrain; due to the imminent closure of that site, I’m moving it over here so that it can remain available.

Previously In Arthur’s Fighting Fantasy Reviews

I tackled the beginning of the venerable series, and I covered Ian Livingstone’s inspirational run of solo-written gamebooks, as well as the first book written by a third party. Now, whilst the books in the second review were being written and published, Steve Jackson wasn’t standing idle – he was producing Sorcery!

Sorcery!: Taking Fighting Fantasy to the Limit

The first of the Sorcery! series came out in 1983, and with 456 numbered paragraphs was the largest Fighting Fantasy adventure published at the time – but, to give you an idea of the scope of Sorcery!, it’s actually the shortest gamebook in the sequence, with the final volume having a whopping 800 paragraphs; the full saga comprises over 2200 paragraphs. With a single story mapped out over four gamebooks, intricate connections between the books, a full spellcasting system, and the option to play as a warrior or a wizard.

Considering the unique nature of this series, I’ve changed the format of the reviews a little: I’ll cover the scenario and the system in this first little segment, and then the entries for each book will cover my attempts at solving them, as well as the possessions I had managed to accumulate so far.

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