Mini-Kickstopper: Powered By Jeeves

This is not quite a full-blown Kickstopper article as I’ve done for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, since I don’t really much to have to say about the actual Kickstarter delivery process there that doesn’t equally apply here. Usual caveat is that I know the designers, Jay and Elizabeth, in real life and so it’s not impossible that my assessment of her work is skewed, but the What Ho, World! Kickstarter was handled pretty well. The estimated delivery was April 2017, I actually got my core set in March 2017 (and that was through the regular, ordinary post like any other backer, not just going over to the UFO Press gang’s house and grabbing a copy), the lesson to take away is that the team actually do have a good handle on how long shit takes to accomplish and communicate that well, go figure.

However, I’ve had this review sat in my queue for a while and I do want to get it out there, largely because with this design UFO Press have managed something rather clever with the Powered By the Apocalypse system – namely, hitting on an interesting way to migrate it to a different format whilst still retaining the essentials of play. You see, not only is What Ho, World! a Powered By the Apocalypse RPG, it’s also a card game…

What Ho, World!

What Ho, World! is a card-based RPG that’s inspired by the whole Jeeves and Wooster thing (with somewhat more diversity-friendly artwork encouraging a diversity-friendly take on the time period). Characters are various figures like the Gadabout or the Pillar of Society who you might find in such stories, and they rattle around inter-War Britain getting into jolly scrapes and pursuing their various goals.

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