So Apparently the RPGPundit Got Quoted In the Washington Post

GenCon has announced such things as the makeup of its industry panels (now batting for gender parity with 13 women and 12 men with Industry Insider status) and its Guest of Honor this year (Mike Pondsmith of Cyberpunk 2020Castle Falkenstein and Mekton fame). It’s 2016, so obviously a faction of angry gamers are throwing a fit about how there’s suddenly all this diversity up in their face and they can’t pretend that the industry is a white boys’ club any more.

I’ve written previously about how the RPGPundit, AKA Kasimir Urbanski, has gone firmly off the deep end of late, with his web forum descending into the sort of GamerGatey SJW-baiting hellhole it had always been semi-threatening to turn into at that. So I was amused to see in the Washington Post‘s article on this quoting one of his tweets on the subject, mostly because of the massive irony involved in the tweet. If anyone in gaming justifies the tag of “douchebag with delusions of significance”, it’s Pundit.


RPGPundit takes the low road, justifies every criticism ever made of him.

So, this post just started making the rounds. I am not in with the Malifaux community so I really can’t comment on what was going on to prompt it, but the general call to not tolerate shitty behaviour in geek hobbies is a good one and worth a read.

I wouldn’t have commented here except the RPGPundit, a loud voice in RPG blogging who is on the map mostly for putting out some well-received OSR products and for screaming invective about storygaming back when Ron Edwards was the darling of the RPG community, has made a kind of terrible post on the subject which I wanted to respond to. I would have posted a comment there, but blogger was acting up and wouldn’t let me. (This is a bug I have encountered before on blogspot blogs so I don’t blame Pundit for that – just for the words he wrote.) So I’ll post my thoughts here instead. Don’t bother reading the full thing if you are not interested in me slamming some dude on the Internet for being wrong on the Internet.

tl;dr version: even if Pundit had cast-iron proof that every single line of Latining’s post was a lie (and he doesn’t), the specific criticisms and arguments he makes in response are beyond the pale. And it’s especially ironic because Latining is saying that the community should police itself and freeze out socially unacceptable behaviour, and back in the day Pundit went to bat strenuously arguing that the community should police itself and freeze out socially unacceptable behaviour.

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