Kickstopper: Holy Crap Readers, This Book Is Already Awesome

This article was previously published on Ferretbrain; due to the imminent closure of that site, I’m moving it over here so that it can remain available.

In my debut Kickstopper article I reviewed the Shadowrun: Returns project and decided that, even though I would have probably been happy backing at a lower level, nonetheless I was very pleased with the final product and was glad to be involved in the process. Hot on the heels of that, Ryan North successfully completed his To Be Or Not To Be Kickstarter, heralding another first for Kickstopper – the first article with physical goods involved. Will my 100% “I’m glad I did this” success rate continue, or will buyer’s remorse creep into play? Let’s find out!

Reminder On Methodology

Just a quick reminder that, due to the nature of Kickstarters, I can only review the reward tier I happened to pick, and I can’t comment on whether or not I find rewards I haven’t actually received to be worth the money I didn’t spend on them.

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