One More Note On Zak S.

Back when I did my post on Mandy Morbid coming forward about abusive behaviour on Zak S.’s part, I tried to structure the post so that it could be a reasonable introduction to the controversies around Zak, because part of the issue with his behaviour is that it’s spread over such a diffuse range of the Internet or buried in very long discussion threads and built up over a span of years. Collating and gathering together all the details is exhausting, and has become more difficult since the shuttering of Google+, which is where a lot of OSR types (including Zak) conducted a lot of their discussion.

It’s nice, then, that Ettin has given us a comprehensive look at the problem that is Zak, with a particular (but not exclusive) emphasis on the story everyone wants to know about: namely, that it is not impossible that Zak shit his pants at Chik-fil-A on the last day of Gen Con 2017.

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