Keeper’s Kit of WTF

To round off my run of Call of Cthulhu reviews for the time being, I just want to take a moment to express my confusion about the 5th Edition Keeper’s Kit.

This was basically a GM screen with associated booklet, as has become common. The screen itself has this gorgeously simple design – deep blue background with arcane symbols, very setting-neutral, very basic but somehow all the more atmospheric for that. It comes with perhaps the most bizarre mish-mash of nonsense I’ve ever seen someone put out for the sake of padding out a GM screen offering; there’s a cut-out model of the Strange High House In the Mist, which is odd because that’s pretty much the last locale I think anyone would particularly want a standee of, and a bizarre adventure from Keith Herber that casts the investigators as gangsters chasing leprechauns with the serial numbers filed off and a Gremlins-esque aesthetic in the Arkham sewers.

Weird… yeah, that’s the word for it. Weird.

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