Mild Signal Boostage: Oral History of Women in Tabletop Gaming

If you remember my post hyping Playing at the World from a while back, you’ll know I find the history of this nutty hobby of ours to be interesting. That’s why I want to bring to people’s attention Lillian Cohen-Moore’s Go Fund Me project, where she wants to go to GenCon and record an oral history of women in tabletop gaming.

Now, we’re well into the backlash period when it comes to Kickstartery stuff, and I know a lot of people (especially dudes who feel a certain hostility to the project) might say “pshaw, you’re paying to send someone to GenCon”, but a) strictly speaking we’d be paying to send her to GenCon to work (and as an journalist she must be aware that if she doesn’t use the money for the intended purpose of gathering this history she’d be kind of wrecking her career) and b) oral history, asides from being cool, is actually a completely appropriate mode of historical research for tabletop RPGs – not necessarily from an academic rigour standpoint, but from a thematic appropriateness standpoint. After all, tabletop RPGs essentially consist of oral historical re-enactment…

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