Saw this and had to post it.

Someone made a highly detailed and meticulously-researched diagram of the Dungeons & Dragons family tree, including both official editions, retro-clones reverse-engineered thanks to the SRD having hilariously unintended consequences, and games which straight up ripped off the D&D system without any OGL shenanigans involved (though it is notable that some such games were put out with TSR/Wizards of the Coast’s blessing, such as Empire of the Petal Throne).

I think it’s interesting as an illustration of exactly how hopeless the task is of putting out a new version of D&D that manages to be a “big tent” fantasy RPG in the way that D&D was from the White Box to 3.X. We’re living in an age where there’s not only a wide variety of visions of what a good D&D game should play like, but there’s also a retro-clone out there to cover any flavour of D&D you could hope to play. Supposedly for 5E (or D&D Next, as they’re apparently now calling it) Wizards were going to go for a hyper-modular approach, which I suppose would be the only way to do it, but the last I heard is they’ve backed away from that somewhat.


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